Still Flirting

Old entry from January 4th.

January 4, 2011

My grandfather is frustrated. My grandmother is trying to bring him plates in the kitchen because she insists on helping, and I know this frustrates him.  I wonder how much he forgets of what she does.  I'm afraid to ask her my normal question of what she's done today because I don't want to bother my grandfather.  She shows me a picture from my cousin Kari's wedding.

"Do you recognize anybody?" she asks me.  I know them all, but she forgets who I've met and how long we've all known them.

Soon she carries out the tomato beef chow mein from the kitchen.  They can't find the serving utensils and are bickering about it.  I walk into the kitchen to look, but I can't find anything.  Later, I return to get the chicken wings from the toaster oven and look some more.  My grandfather sees me with the plate of wings and says, "Thank you. Good help."

We sit down at the table and I ask them about their new year's as we begin eating dinner.

"Did you have a good new year's? Was it noisy?"

"Nope, nothing," my grandfather answers.  "Nobody even shot off a gun."

He goes on to tell me that one night when they were in bed, my grandmother didn't remember who he was.  He says he tickles her in a playful way and then she remembers who he is.

He mentions later that he doesn't like the cheese he used for the hash browns he made.  He only likes the mix of shredded cheddar and jack.  Evidently the one he used this evening browned too quickly and burned a bit.

I watch them in the kitchen through the doorway as they clean up the dishes.  My grandmother bends over to fill the dishwasher and my grandfather, laughing, pats her on the butt so he can get by.

"Hey!" she shouts at him with a smile.  "I'm going to tell Stacey you do that!"

Before I go home, my grandfather asks me how to take pictures with his cell phone and I give him a little lesson.  I wonder if he'll be able to do it by himself later, as well as ponder if my significant other will still flirt with me when we're ninety-something.


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