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And Then It Was Monday Again

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 Dinner I knocked on the door of my grandparents' house at quarter after seven this evening and no one answered. I knocked again, louder, and waited. My grandfather opened the door slowly. Both he and my grandmother paused, looking at me somewhat confused. "Oh, it's so good to see you!" my grandmother said. "Are you hungry? Did you want something to eat?" I looked at her, puzzled. I had just spoken to my grandfather yesterday about having rice porridge today for our weekly dinner. "Um..." I stuttered. "Next time you should let us know you're coming and then we can have dinner ready for you! You can tell us what you want to eat and Ba will make it. Aren't you coming over tomorrow?" she smiled. "I... uh..." I continued to stammer. What happened? Did my grandfather forget too? "Today is Tuesday," I said. "I've been coming over on Tuesdays for dinner." "Today is