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I am looking for different coloring book pages to print out on my watercolor paper.  Flowers would probably be best - he liked coloring flowers with me.  Should I print two? One is probably fine, we can share and do it together. My parents said my grandfather didn't even really understand what food was in the last couple weeks and didn't understand how to eat.  We go to Easter brunch with my parents and I pack all the coloring stuff in my bag. Watercolors for Ba and me, markers and drawing book for my son Joss.  "Are you going to draw pictures for Ba?" I ask Joss. He says he will and is excited. "Can I do it now?" "No, let's wait till we go see Ba," I tell him. We walk into Golden Age and I am expecting to see Ba sitting in his usual chair in the living room with the other residents. "He's still in bed," Connie says. We make our way into the back where his room is. He looks so strange. He reminds me of my grandmother