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Not Quite a Thousand Pages

It’s 3:26a, an ungodly hour if you ask me.  But, I can’t sleep.  My boyfriend is leaving for his Austria trip in less than two hours, and my grandmother is alone (well, family-less) in a nursing home because she fractured a vertebra in her back and a couple other more minor things that led up to finding the fracture.   I was excited for yesterday to be boring.  Even now as I write this, I feel selfish and self-centered.  Oh, poor me, yesterday wasn’t boring so now I have a long entry I have to write. I would write a thousand pages if it would mean my grandmother could have her facilities back and be home enjoying her life with my grandfather. I went to work and took mundane pictures for another blog I'm working on and realized I forgot my phone.   I went home to get it before going to the nursing home.  My phone is only ever almost dead or fully charged at home, left plugged in. It is annoying for the handful of people that call me and I’m sorry. I turned the wrong way once exit