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Dad's Autobiography

I was going through some old papers that my mom had given me to scan and look at, which I always find entertaining.  When my dad was ten years old, his teacher assigned the class to write their autobiographies.  As luck would have it, it's survived 55 years since my father wrote it, to be scanned and shared with you today.  It was assembled with blue construction paper, binder paper, tape, and photos.  :)  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My Autobiography - Gary Warren - Past Present Future Unaltered transcription: Gary Warren October 21, 1957 Room 21 Grade six My Autobiography  The Easter Bunny bought me bright and early on Easter morning 1947.  I weighted seven pounds and two and one half ounces, had dark brown eyes and hair, oh yes I forgot to tell you my name is Gary Warren.  I got my shots Oct 21, 1947 after shots I was very cranky and they rode me all over town to sooth me.   I first smiled at six weeks, laughed out loud at seven week