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I attended my great aunt Tillie's funeral this past Saturday, December 10th.  It tore at my chest knowing that I didn't see her the last time when my parents said a bunch of family was going to visit her.  I couldn't even remember why I hadn't attended. Several members of my family have passed away during the past few years and it constantly makes me think of the fleetingness of life and time.  I can still hear my Auntie Tillie's voice in my head greeting me in that friendly way that she always did when I was little.  It's hard for me to know that I'll never hear it again.  It's harder for me to know that I can't remember much about her and my uncle Keenie from when I was little. Within the past couple years, my memories have been fading fast.  I used to have a great memory, and still do for certain things, although it is random what is clear and what is not.  Many events or facts I find important have disappeared, and many trivial things remain