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Changing Memories

A May visit... May 2, 2011 My grandmother spills the soup today as she is serving it. "I told you to sit down!" my grandfather scolds. "Instead of helping, I made things worse," she pouts mournfully. She goes back into the kitchen to get plates.  Her hair is short now.  It looks like she finally got a haircut.  It had been getting pretty long and scraggly over the past couple weeks.  My grandfather is making chow mein and has already made his potato pancakes as usual.  My grandmother is driving him crazy asking over and over again if he wants a platter. "What did you do today?" she asks me. "I worked." "You work every Saturday?!" she asks, incredulous. "Today is Tuesday," I say, gently. This conversation happened twice already and dinner hasn't even started yet.  She goes back into the kitchen to get another plate for me because she forgot she put potatoes on mine already, and thinks my plate is now a se