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How to Get My Grandfather's Business

I finished my javascript class today and then Afram and I drove home early to have dinner with my grandparents. I told them I wanted to go to Cheung Hing again.  We find a spot in front, but my grandmother is having an easier time walking again, so it doesn't matter too much. We sit down and deciding what to order goes like this... Ba : What do you want to eat? Grandma : I don't care. Ba : Pick something! Grandma : I don't care. I'll eat anything. Afram : Get something with mushrooms or broccoli. Grandma : (laughing because she hates mushrooms and broccoli) He knows me too well! Ba : You gotta pick something. Grandma : I don't care! Ba : They don't have I don't care on the menu! Grandma : (looking at the menu) Okay... I want... the "I don't care." My grandfather says he's going to get flounder, much to my delight and surprise, but then he ends up ordering fried calamari again, and then I'm sad.  Afram and I ord

I don't know where those pills came from

May 1, 2012 I called my grandparents at 11:30ish today to remind them to take their pills like I've been doing for the past few weeks.  My grandfather said they were just getting out of bed.  I asked him if he'd still like to have dinner tonight and he happily agreed.  I told him I'd come pick them up at 5:30 and was planning on taking them to Cheung Hing, the new restaurant my mom showed me a couple weeks ago when we all went out together. My grandfather called me at 4:15 telling me that my grandmother wasn't feeling well and he didn't think we should have dinner anymore. I told him that I'd just bring over food.  He and Grandma passed the phone back and forth talking to me until they agreed that I could come over and bring food.  I talked to my mom and she said she'd come with me and I told her I'd order food from Ming's. I got most of the dishes right, but I think my pronunciation as well as my understanding of "steamed