I ♥ My Grandpa

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December 14, 2010

I get myself some water in the I ♥ My Grandpa mug.  I remember buying it for my grandfather for Christmas one year.  At my elementary school, they always had little sales where you could buy silly things for your family for the holidays.  Twenty-something years later, it's still here, sitting on the shelf atop their microwave.

My grandmother seems a lot better today.  She tells me cognizant stories about my great Aunt Gladys and doesn't repeat herself very noticeably.  She tells me about how Gladys was the plain one and Cecilia was the pretty one when my grandfather leaves the room to fuss in the kitchen.  I wonder what he would have said if he had heard.

She says, as a result of Gladys being more plain, the family gravitated more towards her.  Guess family always has to be there to champion the underdog.  Although, it seems incongruous to the norm where the more beautiful / talented child is typically the more favored.

My grandmother tries to help by putting the cheese away that my grandfather has left out on the counter in the kitchen.  He gets mildly upset because he won't know where she's putting it.

"I'm putting it in this refrigerator!" she says from the kitchen, as they have another one in the garage.  "You think I'm going to remember that, huh?" he says playfully.


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